Planning & constructing data centres.

Crypto-mining data centres: From planning to handover

The currencies of the 21st century are crypto. In order to trade in this and make a profit, it is necessary to have several graphic cards that are calculating exchange rates and transactions around the clock in our high-performance data centres.

To crypto-mining novices, our high-tech data centres may seem like gargantuan futuristic computers, but for us they’re just a matter of course. Running and administering them creates new challenges for World Mining Consulting every day, as does expanding and building more data centres for ourselves and for our clients.

Thanks to our expertise, we also offer major clients these services for complete data centres who would like to invest in their own data centres: planning, architecture and construction on behalf of the client. Projects like these give our clients the advantage of their own data centres where they can mine without competition. World Mining Consulting is also happy to take over subsequent operation and maintenance, meaning our clients don’t need to worry about anything. With World Mining Consulting, you can therefore find everything under one roof, with a focus on the necessary consulting aspects and crucial transparency.

High-performance data centres equipped with high-tech hardware - in addition to location, planning and construction services, upon request, World Mining Consulting can also provide the subsequent operation and maintenance, as well as long-term consulting for your investment project.


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