Renting & purchasing graphic cards.

High-tech hardware with a focus on consulting

It’s self-evident that you can purchase and/or rent graphic cards for crypto-mining at World Mining Consulting, because the only way to make crypto-mining operationally feasible to make a profit from digital currencies is by owning or maintaining at least one graphic card.

In contrast to many other providers that offer their clients ‘hardware only’, however, we don’t see ourselves as a mere retail centre for crypto-mining graphic cards, but rather always focus on consulting in our partnerships. This is our way of walking our clients through the process and, from the very beginning, offering not just hardware but also tailored concepts for entering, and succeeding in, the world of digital currencies.

Because simply owning a graphic card and setting it up once isn’t the decisive factor for success, but rather the expertise and the concept behind crypto-mining. World Mining Consulting considers itself a business consultancy for cryptomining for clients who want to make investments. We offer various currencies, meaning that our clients always benefit from the best mining.

At World Mining Consulting, transparency and consulting are our top priorities! Because the only way to turn a constant profit with crypto-mining in the long term is by having the necessary expertise.

The concept behind World Mining Consulting: Since 2015, we have been explaining the astonishing possibilities offered by digital currencies to a diverse audience in simple terms. We start by consulting with the client about crypto-mining and the provision of appropriate hardware before moving on to planning and constructing entire data centres on our clients’ behalf!


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